So you got Engaged!!!!

O.K. so you got engaged to your soul mate!!!  It is so very exciting!!! With lots of things to do and  it can also be completely overwhelming.  I hope this blog will help out the Bride to Be get through all of the ups and downs of planning a wedding.

But step one, you got engaged.  It could have happened in front of family and friends in front of the Christmas tree, or in a private moment on top of a mountain.  However it happened, it is the beginning of a very exciting part of your life.  This is a time you will never forget.  You will remember all of the positive and negative things,the stress and the happiness.  This is an event that the two of you will share with a group of people that are all excited and hopeful about a wonderful future for all.

Let us start at the beginning, get a planner.   Get organized.  This planner can be a very fancy one that you purchase from or a plain three ring binder.  Make sure you have lots of writing paper for notes, dividers to place contracts in and also add pamphlets that have pictures of ideas that you may want to add to your big day.  Buy the wedding magazines to look at pictures and peruse the Internet, there are a ton of ideas out there for you to look at.  You are at the beginning stages of planning.  Get organized first that is so very very important!!!! 

Do not and I repeat, do not go out and book the first hotel, hall or church you see unless it is your dream location.  Take your time and get ORGANIZED!!!!     The more organized a bride is the better the vendors and her wedding planner will be able to assist her in making “her Big Day, her Dream Day.”