10 Reasons Why you should use a Travel Professional

O.K. so I have been gone for a few days, but guess what I am back!!

As you can see from the title we are discussing why you should use a Travel Professional to book your trip, honeymoon, vacation…  Here is a question for you.. when you get your hair cut, do you do it yourself or use someone that is knowledgeable and makes you look good?  So, why do you want to book the travel yourself and not let a professional do it????

Here are some reasons why you should use a Travel Professional to book your Travel…

1. Buying Travel is a unique purchase.  You are not only buying a trip (which is a product) you are also purchasing the experiences and memories that it will give you.  These experiences (the services of the product) will be generated by what is included in the trip.  Plus, one of your friends might have had a great experience at a certain destination and it may not appeal to you, so talk to someone who will be able to show you a different perspective.

2. Travel Professionals are trained to make sure that each part of your trip fits perfectly.    They make sure that each section of your planned trip works with all of the others so you get to see what you want, when you want and how you want too.

3. Travel Professionals can help you make sense of all of the offers that are out there for Cruise Lines, All Inclusive Resorts, Airlines, Transportation and Hotels.   This year there are more options out there for all avenues of travel.  A lot of times, what is advertised may not be the best deal out there, why not talk to someone that may know!

4.  Travel Professionals save you Time and Money!!!  Whether they charge a fee (usually a small one) or base their business strictly on commissions, the time you spend with them talking with them about what you want to do and how, the more money they will save you with upgrades and other discounts they find.

5.  They are your ADVOCATE!  They will be there for you know matter what!!!  They will intervene on your behalf with the suppliers.

6.  They are the EXPERTS!!!   They will ask the right questions, listen to your answers and offer expert advice to help you make a great vacation decision.   Remember, the average human is NOT a Travel Expert!!!

7.  Knowledge is POWER.   From the Visa and Passport requirements to all the small details, a travel professional has inside information that can make your trip magical!!!   Just ask them!

8.  They have your back.    When things go wrong the Travel Professional knows who to call to get it done.  If your flight is cancelled they will be able to help you out.  If you did not get the upgrade you were supposed to let the Travel Professional know, before you get settled into the guest room not after.  If you tell them what is happening when it does, they will be able to fix it then and there, when you get back it will be harder to get a refund.

9.  They are your personal shopper!!!!  Over time you develop a relationship with this Travel Professional and they become important to you when planning experiences!!!   They are the human connection that makes this all the more enjoyable and exciting to plan.

10. They can offer customized experiences that no one else can provide!!!!    After a long time in the industry Travel Professionals have the connections to arrange for side trips, special passes and upgrades.   They know how to find those out of the way places and experiences that allow you to make memories that you will never forget!

So after all of this, why are you still booking your own Travel?????


Lets Talk about Family Vacations!

Everyone wants to got on a Family Vacation!  There is bonding time, making memories and lots of adventures.   Some of us get to go on vacations once a year, while most of us do not get to go anywhere.

When parents are booking Family vacations they are starting to look at destinations that will provide incredible experiences for their kids.   No parent has ever said, ” do not keep my kids busy”, most of us are worried that our kids will find nothing to do.

Here are four awesome vacation destinations to look at that have Children and Teen programs that actually teach the kids something and give us parents a break.

Bahamas Buddies Cultural Exchange-the Abaco Beach Resort has a program where your child ages (3-12) is paired with a local “child ambassador” where they can learn from each other.  This is program is led by the Resort’s Activity Team.

Engaging Children with Special Needs- Beaches Resorts have completed the IBCCES certification so that they can help children with Special Needs have an incredible Beach vacation full of activities and fun!

Sailing Experiences-The British virgin Island’s Bitter End Yacht Club has ton of land based sports, hiking and other cultural activities.   The best thing is the water sports and they have a program that will teach kids how to sail a small sailboat in a week.

Golf, Shooting and Tennis-the Casa de Campo Resort and Villas offer great programs in golf, tennis and shooting.  The program starts at the age of 4 and offers a wide variety of programs at all levels.

Stay tuned for more options for those Family Vacations!



So you want to get Married…..a thought

So, you want to get Married, but are on a strict tight budget.  You also are starting to feel the pressure of having to invite everyone in the small town you grew up in.   However, not only do you not feel obligated, you do not have a wedding budget that is the size of a down payment on a starter home.

Let’s start thinking “outside the box” and instead of being the “traditional” bride, why do you not add some adventure and pick an incredible destination.    Couples are looking at getting married on Cruise Ships, at Resorts, on the Beach, Skydiving and Underwater.    By doing these types of weddings and ceremonies, not only are they cutting down on the cost of their weddings, they have the ability to invite everyone that they need too.   The guests, pay their own travel expenses and incidentals and the couple is responsible for the immediate family and the actual celebration.

Think about it…it is not a bad idea!!!

So you got Engaged!!!!

O.K. so you got engaged to your soul mate!!!  It is so very exciting!!! With lots of things to do and  it can also be completely overwhelming.  I hope this blog will help out the Bride to Be get through all of the ups and downs of planning a wedding.

But step one, you got engaged.  It could have happened in front of family and friends in front of the Christmas tree, or in a private moment on top of a mountain.  However it happened, it is the beginning of a very exciting part of your life.  This is a time you will never forget.  You will remember all of the positive and negative things,the stress and the happiness.  This is an event that the two of you will share with a group of people that are all excited and hopeful about a wonderful future for all.

Let us start at the beginning, get a planner.   Get organized.  This planner can be a very fancy one that you purchase from Erincondren.com or a plain three ring binder.  Make sure you have lots of writing paper for notes, dividers to place contracts in and also add pamphlets that have pictures of ideas that you may want to add to your big day.  Buy the wedding magazines to look at pictures and peruse the Internet, there are a ton of ideas out there for you to look at.  You are at the beginning stages of planning.  Get organized first that is so very very important!!!! 

Do not and I repeat, do not go out and book the first hotel, hall or church you see unless it is your dream location.  Take your time and get ORGANIZED!!!!     The more organized a bride is the better the vendors and her wedding planner will be able to assist her in making “her Big Day, her Dream Day.”